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I've never rented space before, is it worth it?

For anyone who is a new trader, we recommend starting off slowly and aquiring more space at your own pace. Our starter cabinets cost £40 per 4 weekly period and perfect for the recreational trader. Briggsys Emporium is located in the heart of Herne Bay town and is a multi-purpose venue hosting a Farmer's Market, Cafe, Antiques Emporium and Live Music - we have a huge audience, therefore it's the ideal venue for both independant and professional traders.

From a financial perspective, we always recommend building a niche and selling products that you have an interest in - this way it becomes more authentic and you build a reputation in your respective area. From this, you can scale the business organically and work with our team to grow incremental customer base through our marketing channels and social pages.

How much does it cost to rent space?


Our spaces differ, ranging from [£40 - £200] per weekly space + deposit. Please check out the Pricing page for more information or speak with one of our team at

If I want to cancel my contract, how can i do this?


You can cancel your contract at any time, it's a 4 week notice. Just email our team on and your account for this to be completed. Deposits will be returned providing payment for your serviced time is paid in full. Notices can't be actioned in person.

What items can I sell?


Please ensure your goods meet trading standards conditions. We have a zero tolerance on alcohol and weaponry. Anything found not to meet trading standards will be removed from your pitch and you will be notified. Anything found not complying will be removed from your pitch and your contract may be terminated immediately.

Can I upgrade my space during a contract?


Yes space can be upgraded, but a new contract and Terms and Conditions will need to signed. If you wish to rent multiple spaces, this can be completed too under a new contract.


If you wish to cancel the existing contract and upgrade, then notice will be served on this space (deposit returned in full if all obligations are met) and new payment will be made under the new contract. 


Please email to action.

Who manages the sale of my goods and when do I get paid?


Our team manages the sale of goods on daily basis, including full reconciliations and reports. Reports will be shared monthly of total sales and earned monies, minus any admin / bank fee's (1.35%) at present.

We shall reconcile the sales of any items sold from the Property on a monthly basis and pay you the amount due to you for any items sold during that month on the first business day of the next month to an account notified by you from time to time.


No payments will be due to you - if no items have been sold from the Property in that month.

What happens if something gets stolen?


We are not responsible for any items which are stolen, we recommend getting Public Liability insurance. Within the venue we have extensive security systems, camera's, thermal and heat detectors to protect theft and intrusion and it's our priority to protect our traders goods and services.

When do I have to pay my rent and how is this processed?


Rent is paid on a 4 weekly basis via Standing order from the first day of trading. Deposits will be due ahead of any space being occupied and is the equivalent of 4 weeks payment (This is held in a holding account and will be returned in full at the end of the contract, providing contractual obligations are met). 


If you rent more than one space concurrently - deposits for each space will be required. Standing orders will need to be in place too.

Is there a time when I can bring in new items?

Any new items you wish to sell can be brought in during trading hours as long as correct labels are allocated. If you need to bring in larger goods, please arrange a time to speak with our team to organise.

During trading hours, please don't ask our team for payment updates, we will share this with you monthly via email for confidentiality reasons.

I'm a commercial trader, can I operate through a company to sale goods?

Yes, you can operate as a business trader. We will request Company information and associated bank accounts and will need to ensure this is official before any monies are released. All data will be stored securely and held in a GDPR compliant way.

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