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We have 5 rooms available to rent space within the Emporium, with over 100 individual spaces available within the venue.


Different rooms / locations available:

Red - Front entrance

Grey - Main showroom

Blue - Upstairs showroom

Black - Downstairs showroom

Green - Located near our Cafe area

Prices range from £40 - £200 per 4 weekly period (We also require a 4 week deposit to be paid upfront).


Service hours are 10am - 4pm (Tuesday to Sunday) - You can rent up to a maximum of 5 spaces concurrently.

For information on our available spaces, please contact us on or speak to one of our team at our venue.


Venue location

Briggsys Emporium

75 High Street, Herne Bay

Kent, CT6 5LQ

Contact - 01227 370 621

Email -

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