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Terms and Conditions (full terms available on request)

Renting space within the Emporium

It's very easy to rent space within the Emporium, we have different size areas including pitches, cabinets (of all scales) - An ideal opportunity from new traders, right through to experienced and commercial traders.

To enquire about space within the Emporium - Please drop us an email on or speak with one of our team within the venue who will show you the areas we have available.

We are always looking for enthusiastic traders who have interesting stock and want to build a great business partnership and work with us in the longer term.


If you've never rented space before, don't worry, we have smaller size spaces to show you the opportunity and everyone starts somewhere!


To rent space you will be sent a contract via DocuSign which includes the full details of yours and our obligations.

All details will be kept confidental and held within a secure and GDPR compliant environment.



  • The prices to rent within the Emporium range from £40 - £200 depending on the size of the Pitch and location within the Empororium.

  • Prices are based on 4 weekly cycles and require a 4 week deposit to secure.

Payment cycles

  • Standing orders are required in order to rent a space (4 weekly cycle from your initial rental date).

  • We will inform you 6 weeks ahead of your contract end date to see if you'd like to renew your rental space. If we don't not hear from you within 4 weeks ahead of the expiry date, we have the right to sell the space to a new tenant. You will always have first refusal.

Payment to You

  • Our finance team will send you a monthly report of transactions of your sold goods (this will come from accounts@briggsysemporium email address only).

  • We shall reconcile the sales of any items sold from the Property on a monthly basis and pay you the amount due to you for any items sold during that month on the first business day of the next month to an account notified by you from time to time.

  • No payments will be due to you if no items have been sold from the Property in that month.

  • Monies owed from admin and bank transaction fee's (1.35% at present) and any respective commission costs (this will be notified to you and pre-agreed) will be deducted from this amount.

Unpaid rent

In the event that rent is not paid on time or a standing order has been cancelled - Any sales money that is due to you will be withheld until full payment is made. Monies owed to you will then be paid on the next payment day. 


We have the right to seize goods and hold your deposit, if the trader refuses to pay rent for space they have used in order to claim back lost revenue. Your contract will automatically expire and court action could be pursued in this event.

Duration of contract


  • We run contract lengths from 3 months to 12 months, with a 4 week notice period.

  • Deposits will be held until contract expiry and returned following the final payment.


Trading Standards

Please ensure your goods meet trading standards conditions. We have a zero tolerance on alcohol and weaponry. Anything found not to meet trading standards will be removed from your pitch and you will be notified. Anything found not complying will be removed from your pitch and your contract may be terminated immediately.

What your rent includes

  • Selling items within your designated space

  • Our administration services and customer service

  • Managing payments and till operaters during service hours

  • Managing deliveries for larger goods

  • Invoices (sales reports) and receipts for rent

  • Emailed statements of sales.


Insurances and Security

  • Whilst every effort is made to deter theft, We (Arcade Emporium Ltd) accept no responsibility for the theft of any item(s) during open hours.

  • We take security very seriously and have installed 10+ cameras which oversee the premise venue and thermal / heat sensors covering the entirety of the property, which operate 24/7. Our team constantly on stand will constantly be acting as further detterant. 

  • Majority of our cabinets will be locked during traders hours and out of hours. If you want enhanced security for certain sale of goods, please let us know.

Areas within the Emporium

Each of our areas is labelled based on a colour code format. This will be shared with you following contract agreement. You will need to use our labels and complete each item you are selling with the below information.

  • Cabinet number

  • Item of Sale

  • Cost of Item

Any incorrect information labelled, will not be our responsibility.

Service Hours

  • Our Emporium is open from 10am - 4pm every day for sales and the general public.

  • Please use this time to bring in further goods in which you wish to sell, administration for these goods will be completed at the end of each working day. 

  • Deliveries for certain goods will run until 5.30pm.

Access to the Property

  • Access to the property is only via the front entrance.

  • Should you require to drop us off heavy goods, please let us know in advance so we accomodate other access routes and arrange a suitable time in order not to disturb our nearby residents.

For full detail of our Terms and Conditions and general enquires - Please contact our team directly via email on

It is at our discretion to update these terms as required. Any required changes mid contract, will be shared with our traders ahead of any changes are made under mutual agreement.


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